Portraits of America's New Veterans

For most veterans of war, returning home after combat has been a significant challenge.The purpose of this photographic study is to depict the many faces of the post-combat experience. My subjects, Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans, volunteered their participation for this project. Each veteran composed a personal statement, which discloses his feelings regarding his particular experience of war, and the challenging transition home. This study is filled with a multitude of complicated emotions ranging from pride and self-respect to the devastation and despair of guilt and grief. I chose to photograph these courageous individuals utilizing beautiful, simple, crisp lighting in order to illuminate the many layers of this complicated subject. Regardless of one's political ideology, my hope is that this photographic essay will elevate the consciousness of those who view this work. It has become exceedingly clear to me that these men are heroes. Each of these veterans has been committed to making a genuine difference in the world, and now, having returned home, each is left to move forward, to heal, and to reclaim his personal power and dignity.
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